I don’t lose things, I’m not a forgetful person.  In fact I have an unusually good memory.

Today I lost this letter at the swimming pool.  How?  Seriously, how?  You empty your things from your bag onto a short bench then you put them back into your bag again.  If anything remains on the bench it is quite conspicuous and you pick it up.  Simples.  I must have been swimming a thousand times over the last five years and I have never lost anything at the pool before.  Except last week when I lost my special shampoo bottle with sucker to attach it to the wall.  The letter was found and collected by the husband, but the shampoo bottle had to be replaced.

It’s the menopause (drugs).  Sending me forgetful.

Last cycle I put a pan of past on to boil for twelve minutes.  Except I forgot to put the pasta in…

Other than that I’m feeling fairly normal.  Well, work is pissing me off but I am assured by the husband that my pissedoffedness is legitimate and based around people being arseholes, rather than hormone-induced overreaction.