So it is a week and a half since I have had the new IVF drug in me, and I must say it has been going very well.  I’d say better than the alternative that I had taken the last two times.

With the last drug I felt emotionally ok but not myself in quite an uncomfortable way, and I had no libido at all.

With this drug I feel very close to normal, plus like last time I have had no pain or sickness or menopause symptoms.

The only thing is that (as the last two times) I now feel super tired, physically.  I suppose I also feel a bit run down generally.  My skin is a bit spotty and my teeth ache a bit and I have occasionally had a blister in my mouth.  Plus I feel heavy and seized up, especially if I stop for a bit and then have to try and get going again.  I’ve never been a great sleeper but on these drugs I’m tired mid evening and when I go to bed I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.  Mainly I’m trying to ignore this and carry on with work, exercise and social occasions business-as-usual, although keeping normal sleeping patterns is actually a nice change.

I guess I’d pick this drug again if I needed it and had a choice.

The next appointment is on Friday, to check the drug is working which will be measured by whether my womb lining is very thin.  I am fairly confident it will be – my period started on Saturday and lets just say I feel I have been thoroughly purged womb-wise.  Ick.

If all is well, on to stage two.