I bought a new nightdress this weekend, for the frozen embryo transfer.  Being more of a pyjama fan I didn’t previously have a nightie and this has been fairly inconvenient for the two embryo transfers I’ve had before.  When you get there they ask you to wear nightwear to walk across to the room where they do the transfer and you get up on a bed then you have to take your PJ bottoms off.  It isn’t really set up for this, they hold towels up and you have to wriggle about to get them off and then back on again at the end.  A nightie is much better you can just roll it up.  I previously didn’t bother getting a nightie specially as I saw it as a waste of money and an admission of my expectation that I would need to use it several times.  And that didn’t seem very hopeful.  Ah well, here we are.  I thought if I bought said nightie at this point I could pretend to myself that it wasn’t a big deal or a special purchase.

I’m feeling fine so far on the IVF injection I had the other day.  No headaches or hut flushes or anything.  A wee bit of feeling travel sick if I read on the bus – which I have had during the other IVF’s too – but no more than that.

So that’s a relief.

I also, so far, feel quite normal in myself.  I’m waiting to see whether the hormones kick in and make me feel all girly and weird.  For me that’s the worst bit of the whole IVF process, although it has historically been brief and has been resolved by combining this drug with HRT which I would hope to start two weeks in, inshallah.