IVF round three starts properly tomorrow – I’ll be going in to the clinic to get an injection to downregulate me and simulate a rapid menopause.

I’m mildly nervous, in that this is unknown because it is a new way of administering the drug.

The other two cycles I have achieved the same end through a daily self administered injection for a month, but this time it is a single injection done at the clinic.

People talk about IVF being awful and making a person feel sick and headachy and hormonal with hot flushes and flu-like symptoms and allsorts of nastiness. I’ve been very lucky to pretty much avoid this.

Downregging the old way I have had very manageable side effects and didn’t actually mind giving myself injections. I mean it isn’t my favourite and I didn’t feel entirely normal, but better the devil you know right?

So I’m crossing my fingers that this new drug will affect me the same as the old one, because I’d hate to have the drug within me and be stuck feeling crappy for a month.

Other than that, feeling pretty normal. No problems with this (fairly brief) length of wait between cycles. Moved on from beating myself up about the constant failure of infertility. Keen to have another go.