As I have mentioned, I have been awaiting my period starting this month as it means I can check in for IVF cycle three (second thaw cycle using a frozen embryo).

Hurray, it started early evening yesterday.  I was ever so pleased, I’m keen to have another go and get going.

The first step of the cycle is to ring the clinic and get an appointment within the next few days to go in for a pre-treatment scan and make arrangements for when the drugs start (day 21).

I phoned in as soon as my period started – I knew the clinic would be closed at 5pm last night, but it is often easiest to leave a message so they can get back to you at their convenience and there is less messing around with finding your notes and so on.

As I have availability today, I also thought it possible that they might call me back early morning and get me to come in if they had a slot.

But they didn’t, I didn’t hear from them for ages until lunchtime today.

Which is fine, they don’t want me in until Tuesday.

That, by the way, is preferable.  Sorry to be gross but who wants to have an internal scan when they are on their period?  Messy.

The only complication is that the husband needs to come in to the clinic at some point, sooner rather than later.  This is because there is no ‘need’ for him to be involved with a thaw cycle, his deposit has been made and the embryos are already created.  But they are his embryos, the clinic needs to be sure that he is allowing me to use them.  Good idea, I’m all for that.

Unfortunately the husband is not available on Tuesday (obviously people have work commitments at short notice and he will be in a different city) so he called the clinic to arrange to drop in on Wednesday instead.  This was no problem, although they did keep writing his name down wrong.  Which prompted a most amusing skype messaging conversation between him and me about whether I would mind making use of some other guy’s embryos.  Although when I write ‘embryos’, the actual term used included the word ‘embryos’ but was far far far more vulgar.  Too vulgar to say here.  Hehe.