I had my infertility counselling session today, as usual notable for being an inconvenient half day out of the office due to being mid morning and more than an hour away from my house. Which is an even worse journey during Edinburgh Festival Fringe time.

Second time with the legend that is my new counsellor. I was glad to see her again as my existing counsellor is winding down to a bit of time off work, plus the new counsellor has in one session totally sorted my head out around my feelings of failure and I’ve not felt so good in a long time.

Nothing of such significance today, but we had a wide ranging discussion covering trust and friendship and my fear of giving birth. I always appreciate the reflection, and the ‘me time’.

I’ll go back in a month.

I’m expecting my period today or tomorrow, then I can call and book in for my third IVF cycle. I’m excited to get going again.