As my memory rests but never forgets what I lost
Wake me up when September ends (Wake me up when September ends, American Idiot)

So my period has started. Yay! And I can start my next thaw cycle with my next period. So. As I’m usually regular, getting my period this month helps me to estimate when I can start up the third attempt at IVF.

The plan is likely to run something like this….

Phone IVF clinic when I get my next period = 22nd August
Check in appointment and scan for cycle = w/c 26th August
Start fake menopause drugs = 11th September
Start HRT = 25th September
Start progesterone = 9th October
Embryo transfer = 14th October
Pregnancy test = 23rd October

Eek. I’m delighted I can get back in the game so quickly, but it is still aaaaaaaaaaaaaages til go three is done.

Feel a bit weird the last couple of days, physically. Not awful but worse than the majority of the IVF has made me feel. Sick and headachy. The husband reckons it is coming off the drugs, my body returning to normal. I’d not considered this because I’d felt so normal on the drugs, but of course that was an artificial version of normal so it makes sense that I’d need to readjust. A wee painkiller sorts it out.