Tomorrow is the judgement day
Tomorrow we’ll discover what our God in Heaven has in store
One more dawn
One more day
One day more! (One day more, Les Miserables)

If it wasn’t a Saturday, today would be pregnancy testing day. My test is on Tuesday.

I’m doing OK, not too freaked out or anything. Although it is absolutely front of mind now.

I can’t tell if it has worked, I just have no idea… although the boobs are still a bit sore! Also, since yesterday I can feel my insides a bit. But I’m honestly not sure which parts of my insides I can feel.

Last time I went in to the clinic for a pregnancy test (by blood test) on the equivalent day to this, and got the bad news, and then my period started later that day. Now I don’t know if that will/can happen again this time as I am on a different drug combo to last time. However, the husband and I have decided that if I haven’t got my period by tomorrow I will take a home pregnancy test.

I didn’t take a home pregnancy test last time, as I wasn’t too bothered by the 2ww generally and I wanted it all to be official. Plus you’re not supposed to do a home pregnancy test too soon as the drugs you are taking can affect the result.

However, the wait between the early morning blood test and the afternoon phone call for the results was awful. It was the anticipation followed by finding out by phone call, it was all just a bit much. A home pregnancy test – whether positive or negative – would dilute the nastiness of this by giving me a good idea of what the blood test result is likely to be. Plus you only have to wait three minutes for the result rather than five hours.

So I’ve bought a home pregnancy test to use tomorrow if I’ve not started my period, and as of 8pm today I’m still in the game…