Starting on the progesterone pessaries today. I have to insert these up my lady bits twice a day.

I’ve used these before, last time. Most people would only use these for a frozen embryo transfer (as I am this time) but I got swapped onto them last time because the other ones made me feel crappy.

From what I recall the main side effect of these pessaries is that the coating drips out over the course of the day. Which is gross. And as the pregnancy test approaches this makes a person think their period is starting. But other than that they were no problem last time.

I’m now off the injections, which were stopping me from ovulating. And I’m on progesterone and HRT. So the idea now is that this combo will make my reproductive system think it is ready to receive an embryo. If I end up pregnant I will need to keep up these drugs during the first trimester of pregnancy to fool my body into thinking all is normal in there.

So today is my ovulation day. Sort of. Although I have not ovulated. But in a natural pregnancy this would be the day that I ovulate. Soon after, the egg and sperm would meet and fertilisation would occur. For us this actually happened 118 days ago when I had my egg retrieval and my eggs were mixed with a cup full of my husband’s finest essence. But in this cycle this is the equivalent of ovulation day, which is why the new drugs regime starts today. Our embryos were frozen on day six, so that’s when one will be put back in – six days from now. Thursday.

Eep, complicated.