Hurray! The date is booked in for the frozen embryo transfer!

No news yesterday, so I called the IVF clinic at lunchtime today. Took a few goes to get through but eventually I spoke to a nurse. She checked and no appointment had been made yet. She said she’d ring me back. I mentioned that I might need to come in and pick up more drugs today depending on the date of the transfer. This may have spurred her into action as she called back five minutes later with an appointment.

So the transfer will be on Thursday morning.

I have (without realising it at the time!) taken my last dose of buserlin by injection, and I need to start on the progesterone pessaries (and continue the HRT) from tomorrow.

This has perked me right up, I feel like we’re getting somewhere.

And not long to wait.

So I know what I’m like on the progesterone, and on the HRT in combination with the buserlin. But what will I be like on the combination of progesterone and HRT? Is the menopause element of the buserlin currently diluting the HRT in some way? Will my hormones go wild from tomorrow? Remains to be seen.