There’s a lot of chat going on at the moment around equal marriage for same sex couples, and one of the points that often gets brought up when people speak against equal marriage is that same sex couples can’t naturally reproduce together and therefore should not be allowed to get married.

Well as adults of the opposite sex my husband and I were lucky enough to have no barriers in our way when we wanted to get married.  But we also haven’t been able to naturally reproduce together.

Firstly, this is yet another sneaky little bugger of a news item that gives me a swift kick in the shins and reminds me that I’m infertile.  I’m not really sure what the church / Conservatives / anti equal marriage types make of us infertiles.  But what they say about same sex marriage also reflects on me and implies I am not worthy of marriage and perhaps should not be allowed to get married.  Ach well, too late – Ha.

Secondly, FFS.  Seriously.  If you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get gay married.  Ha again.

Happily, like us, sex couples can have a go at having babies using IVF technologies if they want to.