Here’s the new pills that I have to take every day, as well as the injections.  They are HRT (hormone replacement therapy) pills which are usually taken by women going through the menopause.  And as I have recently gone through a pretend menopause (the injections, to stop me ovulating) I now need to create an appropriate hormonal environment to accept an embryo.  It is the combination of the pills and injections that results in a lush and verdant (!) womb without any sneaky little eggs jumping in there the old skool way before they can squirt my frozen one in.  Yes, the IVF clinic has control of my reproductive system again and they are looking to construct a completely natural and balanced environment in there through strange and artificial means.

A menopausal lady would take one pill each day, but I have to take three (all in one go).

It turns out that even in small doses these pills can set your gallstones off big-style, so as I’m tripling that I’m glad I’ve already had my gallbladder out.

As for the more serious side effects, well I am exposing myself to increased risk of various kinds of cancer and heart condition.

Anyhoo.  I’ve had a bit of a headache but it is hard to say if that can be attributed to the HRT or if I’m a bit dehydrated.  A paracetamol sorted that quickly, either way.  Other than that no noticeable side effects so far.  Except… well I feel like my head is a bit clearer, more like myself.  But that could be wishful thinking.