Another suitcase in another hall…
Where am I going to?
Don’t ask anymore … (Another suitcase in another hall, Evita)

On my last IVF attempt the clinic gave me my drugs in a massive carrier bag. This time they gave me a purple carrying case. Fancy!

So tomorrow is my next appointment at the IVF clinic where I will be tested to check whether the injections are doing their job and my womb lining is thinned down.

I forgot to mention, but I didn’t get my period this month until day 10 of the injections, which is day 32 of my cycle. That’s late. I’m usually a regular 27 days. But it turned up eventually and was such that I’m sure there’s less womb than usual left in there. Ick.

So, based on this and last time I think all is progressing as required, so hopefully it will be all systems go tomorrow for stage 2. From what I recall, I will then have to take some progesterone suppositories as well as the injections for a couple of weeks.

Then they’ll whack an embryo in.

I’m doing alright on these injections, pretty much the same as last time.

As I mentioned last week I have had some emotional change, but I’m just getting on with that and as yet I still haven’t cried or shouted so big tick there. I did burn my lunch to a crisp though, forgetting it was in the oven. Last time I boiled a pan of water for 12 minutes, having forgotten to put the pasta in. This is not like me at all. Happily my reactions seem to be dulled and when stuff happens I just go ‘ah well…’ and try again. Again, not like me at all. But better than the real me in that particular case!

I have several big plooky spots, that’s new.

Also, I feel really hungry all the time but am not interested in food, so I can’t decide what to have and sometimes don’t have anything. Then feel hungry. That’s weird.

And I’m very tired, again like last time. My body feels heavy, and I’m sleeping a couple of hours earlier than usual. Which for me brings my sleep time forward to around midnight which is brilliant actually and quite convenient.

Overall, the side effects have been quite tolerable.