Day two of the IVF injections, and all is going according to plan.

This weekend I am away from home and away from the husband with friends, so I had to bring my needles and things with me. I just chucked the right amount of stuff in a makeup bag and brought it along. No bother. I didn’t bring my sharps bin – it is very bulky – but I was careful to put the lids back on the needles tightly and they will go straight in the sharps bin when I get home.

I didn’t do this at any point last time, I was at home for the full span of the IVF. That was deliberate I think – well there was a lot of unknowns and I didn’t know if I’d feel sick or emotional or what it would be like to administer the drugs so I avoided complicating things where I could.

This time I felt able to schedule in some time away because I was fairly confident that I would feel OK in myself and that the drugs requirements would be sufficiently routine so as not to get in the way. And that was right – it was fine.