You may recall that way back a couple of months ago when I started taking progesterone for my first IVF I thought I had thrush. Whilst enstirruped I drew this to the attention of the consultant doing my embryo transfer and asked if I could put some Canesten on it. He said “it’s not that bad” and that was that. Weirdly I somehow believed him, and thought I just had to man up and wait it out.

Well the frickin thrush has come and gone ever since, and if anything has been getting worse each time.

Eventually this week I got sick of the whole thing and called the IVF clinic to ask what I should do if I have thrush. Sounds silly perhaps, but because you’re not supposed to take any drugs except paracetamol during the IVF process it all has to be OK’d. The clinic advised me that I could ask for Canesten combi (but not the pill you can take for it) and that there was no need to come in to the clinic or see my GP, I could just go to the pharmacist and buy some. Great. So at the end of Thursday I went up to my local Boots and asked for the stuff. They wouldn’t give me it as I hadn’t seen a GP. Waaaaaa… and at 5pm there was nothing I could do that day ~itch~. I hate it when you try and do the right thing within the system, and it screws you.

So this meant I had to phone in to my GP first thing Friday morning and get an emergency appointment (the only way to see a GP within a week) and then go in. The GP didn’t even look at it, she just wrote me the script for the Canesten combi and back to the pharmacy I went. Not a good use of my time. Though this being Scotland I get the drugs for free this way so there is an upside!

And it all seems to be clearing up now, thankfully.

On top of this I have some sort of nasty cold thing. As I was there anyway I asked the GP for advice and she gave me some antibiotics but said not to take them for a few days in case it cleared up by itself. She also gave me some hayfever steroid nasal spray in case hayfever was the cause.

Well it all got worse last night and became flu-like or sinusitis perhaps, my face hurt and my temperature was more than 100. I didn’t know whether to take any of the drugs or not (or indeed any other hardcore flu drugs), but decided that I really ought to phone in to the clinic and ask first. Which would have to wait til Monday.

So yay, the paracetamol really helped. Not. But the fever has come down overnight and I’m back to having a normal cold now. Yay!