After the last IVF I got a letter telling me to call the IVF clinic to book in for my next go when I got my period in May.

As an infertile person, it’s not often that getting your period is a good thing but when it leads to action it doesn’t feel so bad.

My period started on Friday night, so I called the clinic on Saturday and as I expected there was no-one in. So I called again on Monday morning, but no reply so I left a message. They called me back at lunchtime and missed me as I was in a work meeting.

Eventually we spoke on Monday afternoon, and they gave me an appointment for Wednesday. Which I asked to change to Thursday due to work commitments.

I wasn’t worried at the delay either in getting hold of them or taking an appointment, as now I know they won’t let me start any drugs until three weeks into my cycle anyway so no rush.

I expect, like last time, they will do an internal scan to check all is normal and then give me some drugs to start a few weeks down the line.

Note I have not had my follow-up appointment from the unsuccessful IVF yet, but what the hey. Lets press on.