Yesterday the IVF clinic gave me a ring to say that a counselling slot had become available today. Hurray! Only two weeks after I wanted one…

It didn’t start well, I left home at 9.10am for a 10.30pm appointment, but by 10.20pm I was nowhere near the hospital (Commie Pool ish for any locals reading) so I jumped off the bus and got a taxi. £7 later and out of breath from running down the corridor I arrived almost on time.

However, the session was good I feel much better for it. The counsellor was, as previously, very pleasant and helpful. She understood that I wanted to have a debrief (as she put it) after the end of the cycle and that it was important for me to feel I had support available, especially in times on inaction. I couldn’t really say what I spoke about, just some general reflections really and not in any particular order or with any specific remit, but I was glad to have the time. It is always a relief to have an hour when you know that it will be all about you and you don’t need to consider the other person and their feelings.

I made another appointment for in a month, so that’s good for me to know I have that as a safety net.