Went in for my scan and blood test this morning and all went well. There was quite a bit of snow today, so I had to leave early just in case. Got there for an 8.30am appointment no problem, although getting up in time for a 7.10am bus was not ideal for me. I also piled on the clothes, so it took me ages to get undressed for my scan, and to get my arm free for the blood taking. Oops.

So just to recap, IVF is all about controlling all of the elements of conception to ensure it happens, as my husband and I for an unknown reason cannot do this the natural way. Usually a woman ovulates, lets out one egg into her womb, and this egg is fertilised with sperm following sexual intercourse. The point of the IVF process that I have done to date has been to overstimulate my ovaries in the hope of getting several eggs to mix with sperm in a dish, so that they can pick a good quality embryo to put back into my womb ready made. If the mixing results in multiple good quality embryos, the doctors will freeze them and we can use them later.

My follicles have grown again, and now range from 13mm to 22mm. A few are over 18mm. This means they are a good size, and all swollen up with fluid. After a slow start my hormone level today was 7,100 which was pronounced excellent. Within the fluid of each follicle there is usually an egg, and my hormone levels indicate that eggs are growing within the fluid. It seems I have in the region of 9 follicles that are good prospects, and some more that might be good. We won’t know how many of these follicles have eggs in until the actual egg retrieval but things are looking positive. So this is the point at which the harvesting of the eggs is scheduled. I’m booked in, egg retrieval will be this Wednesday.

Now I have to get my eggs ready for harvesting. This involves taking an injection to stimulate ovulation so the eggs in the follicles are all just right for what comes next. I have to take the injection at a specified time today, and the timing relates to when the harvesting will take place on Wednesday. There has to be an exact amount of time between the two, or you lose the eggs. Ovulation occurs when the follicles release the eggs, so basically they want to catch the eggs just before that happens. The eggs need to be ripe, but still in the follicles so that the doctor can use a needle to sook the follicles dry and pick up as many eggs as possible from within the fluid they collect.

Here is my injection for tonight, which I need to store in the fridge until I use it at 11pm.