The used needles are really piling up in the sharps bin now.

After a couple of days of feeling very tired and heavy limbed I think I am back to normal again now, so that is good. Was maybe just adjusting to taking the new drugs and/or the two sets of drugs at once.

I’m doing OK emotionally as well and I feel quite normal most of the time. I notice it when something unexpected comes up though, I can’t deal with it as well as usual. I’m not crying or freaking out or shouting at the husband though, more just occasionally feeling overwhelmed. I don’t like it, but it is better than I expected it would be. And so far I am not getting consumed by the enormity / importance of the process. I’m trying to keep it all in perspective. The husband says I mustn’t underestimate the emotional energy I’m putting into keeping things relaxed and normal. He is correct, I have put a lot of thought into coping strategies and concentrating on getting through this process in one piece. The husband is being very kind.

Tomorrow is another important day, as I will have a scan to see whether the second set of drugs is working and whether my ovaries are growing as they are supposed to be. Fingers crossed. If so, on Friday this will repeated and I will be told when my eggs will be harvested.

It is likely I will need a full day off one day next week for this harvesting, but I don’t know which day.

This is getting to be a bit of a pain now work-wise, as people are asking me to do things next week now, and commit to things on particular days, and I’m not sure if I can commit or not. It is very awkward to manage, and one of the things I am dealing with less well than I usually would.