The bin is quickly filling up with medical debris these days. Not needles, obviously, they go in the sharps bin which I blipped the other day.

I think I got away with not drinking this weekend due to claiming illness. I’ll need to think of another excuse for next weekend.

I’m getting bored of this stage of the IVF now. I want to move onto the next bit. I have an appointment on Thursday at the hospital so I guess we’ll see what they say.

Loads of people on Facebook and in real life getting pregnant and having babies of late. And mothers day is coming up which will bring with in a flurry of people going on about the joys of motherhood. It doesn’t feel quite as painful to hear about these things now the IVF is in progress but I could do without it as I need to try and stay positive and concurrently be realistic and understand that this might not work. Generally trying to forget about about it seems to be the best thing, so reminders don’t help.