Second day on the drugs and not much to report. Today was much the same as yesterday with the injecting, but I wasn’t worried about it this time so it was quicker. I stuck the needle in the other side of my belly to yesterday in case alternating made any difference to the comfort of it.

So far no side effects that I can be sure I can attribute to the drugs. I’m a slight hypochondriac so there will always be some things. But no headaches and no pain and no mood swings.


I guess what I don’t understand is whether because I’m getting the same dose every day then every day will go the same as yesterday, or whether it is cumulative and I am building up to some sort of horror or meltdown in a couple of weeks.

Here’s my very own sharps box where I have to put the used needles.

I wonder should I notify my cleaner that I have needles in the house? Ah, first world problems.