Today was the first day that I have to take IVF drugs. These are the drugs, pictured. From my recollection of what comes next (I think it was December we got the briefing so it’s a bit hazy) I take them every day for a couple of weeks to induce a rapid menopause and then take some other drugs in addition to hyper-stimulate my ovaries. Well I have an appointment at the clinic in two weeks so they will tell me what’s next.

So here’s what I had to do. I had to go into my big bag of medical equipment and select a long needle (the type they use to take blood) and attach it to a syringe. I then had to put it into this bottle and suck up 5ml of the drug. Next, I had to take off the needle (and put it in my very own sharps box) and swap it for a smaller needle. Then, I had to stick the needle in myself and squeeze the plunger. Eek. Obviously I was a bit concerned at how that might go or even if I could make myself do it. I know some women get their partners to do it for them, but my husband is scared of needles so I’m not involving him.

So anyway, you have to put the needle into a fat bit as that hurts less. I picked my tummy. I pinched a bit of flesh up and shoved the needle in, and thank god it didn’t hurt a bit. Funnily enough, I then recalled that when I had my belly button pierced that didn’t hurt either so maybe that general area is a bit that’s not too sore.

Afterwards, it itched like a bugger for about ten minutes and I thought I could feel a sort of tingliness (like when you get an anaesthetic) but that’s all. So far no other side effects and I have been able to work and go out for a run, all as normal.

It was a weird feeling over the last couple of days knowing that this was coming, and not knowing what the side effects or consequences might be. Now that it has happened, now that the drugs are in me, it feels weirder still. Like I’m caught in some sort process, being swept along, and just having to go with it and hope for the best.

Well so far, so good. Same again tomorrow.