I hate being all wanky and talking about journeys, but our journey started around three years ago when we decided we were grown up enough to have a baby.  Move forward two years and no baby, so we had all the tests and got referred to the specialists.  No real conclusion, which is a good thing so they say.  Move forward another year and still no baby.  So here we are today at the fertility clinic at the ERI to talk to our consultant about IVF.

Due to the three years coming up we are now allowed to go on the waiting list for IVF.  It is a big decision, I always thought I was anti IVF but I have subsequently discovered that trying to conceive a baby is pretty bloody awful too.  The waiting, the hope, the failure – repeated over and over and over… I just want to get the thing done now.  I’m in a very good position to give the IVF a go due to my age and lifestyle, and as our diagnosis is ‘unexplained infertility’ we are in with a good chance of assisted conception succeeding.  And if it doesn’t work, well then we’ll know won’t we and then we can accept it and move on.  Fingers crossed though, right?

So the big decision now is whether we wait for the free NHS treatment (18 months) or pay for it and get it in eight weeks… Lots to think about.

This is me working in the ERI café before the appointment.  Cos we have to get on with the rest of our lives too.